I AM Week 12: Day 1

Pray and read

Give thanks to God for calling you to faith in the Lord Jesus and ask that he would fill you with the knowledge of his will, through all the wisdom and understanding his Spirit gives. Read John 14:1-4.


Chapter 14 marks the beginning of a long block of teaching from Jesus to his disciples, referred to as the “Upper Room Discourse” by New Testament scholars.

Jesus urges his disciples not to let their hearts be troubled. Why might their hearts be troubled?

How would Jesus’ words here provide comfort to them in their distress?


Jesus shows compassion to his disciples in their distress, even while he himself anticipates what lies ahead (see 12:27). Think of the last time your heart felt troubled. Did you seek comfort in Jesus? What words of hope does he speak which might comfort you next time?


Father in heaven, thank you for the hope and comfort which Jesus offers in every kind of trial. Please help me to look to him when my heart is troubled, that he might provide all I need. Amen

Providence City