! AM Week 12: Day 3

Pray and read 

Give thanks to God for calling you to faith in the Lord Jesus and ask that he would fill you with the knowledge of his will, through all the wisdom and understanding his Spirit gives. Read John 14:15-31.


What does Jesus expect of those who love him?

If someone didn’t obey Jesus’ commands, what would that reveal about them?

What might Jesus mean by his ‘commands’? 

If someone loves Jesus, what will their relationship with the Father be like? 

How does Jesus show his love for his Father? 


In chapter 13 Jesus gave his disciples a new command – to love one another as he loved them. What opportunities might you have to show love to your Christian brothers and sisters this week? How might you show that same kind of love to others you interact with today? 


Father in heaven, I confess that I don’t always love others as I should. Please help me to set aside my self-centred desires that I might love others as Jesus has loved me. In this way, help me to bring him honour and glory, especially amongst my friends, family and colleagues who don’t know him. Amen.

Providence City