I AM Week 11: Day 4

Jesus has just outed Judas as the one who will betray him. Judas left…

 Pray & Read: Praise God and ask him to speak to you through his word.

John 13:30-38


Night and day have been recurring themes throughout Johns Gospel. What could its significance be? (v.30) 

When Judas leaves, Jesus says “Now the son of man is glorified…” what does he mean by this? Why now?

Where was Jesus going that the disciples couldn’t follow but would later be able to follow? Is this statement still relevant to us?


How—in this chapter—did Jesus demonstrate the way we should “Love one another”? (vv.34-35)

Peter was adamant that he would not disown Jesus. Do you share his confidence in your own life? (v.37)

Have you ever or do you ever shy away from standing up for Jesus? In what circumstances do you think we should stand up for Jesus and when is it okay to stay silent? 


  • Ask God to give you wisdom about when to engage with people about Jesus.

  • Ask for courage that you might never disown him. And forgiveness for if you have.

Providence City