I AM Week 11: Day 3

Jesus and his disciples are having dinner, Jesus just finished washing the feet of all his disciples. 

Pray & Read: Praise God and ask him to speak to you through his word.

John 13:18-30


“This is to fulfil a passage of scripture” (v.18) Read Psalm 41:9. Can you see how this passage in John is a fulfilment of what David wrote?

Who is Jesus referring to when he says “anyone I send”? (v.20)

In verse 21 John says Jesus “was troubled in spirit” before confessing he knew one of them was about to betray him.What do you think this means? What does it say about Jesus?


Even before Judas betrays them, Jesus is aware of what he’s going to do, declares it to the group, then lets him go, even though it’s going to cause him great suffering.Does it bring you comfort or distress knowing that God knows all things and is in control of all things even before they happen? 

Do you believe Jesus has sent you to spread his word? If so, how does the end of this verse give us courage? (v.20)

Jesus’ disciples were shocked at the idea that someone who knew Jesus so well and whom Jesus loved so much could and would betray him.Yet when Jesus goes to the cross all of the disciples abandon him.In what ways might we be tempted to deny Jesus by not wanting to be associated with him?


  • Thank God, that despite how things look from your perspective, he is in control.

  • Ask God for renewed perseverance and trust in whatever trial you may be facing.

  • Confess your sins to God through Jesus and ask for help by his spirit to change.

  • Ask for wisdom and confidence to share his gospel.

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