I AM Week 6: Day 4

The crowds around Jesus continue to question him and poke and prod at his teaching, this time questioning his race and spiritual soundness. 


Read John 8:48 - 59


Why do you think Jesus’ detractors accused him of being a Samaritan and demon possessed?  (v48 – 51)

What are the crowd’s main objections in v52 – 53 and 57?  How does Jesus respond? 

What made the crowd so angry in v59? 



Hebrews 11:13 tells us that Abraham and many other faithful believers died ‘living by faith’, still waiting for fulfillment of what God had promised.  Jesus makes the claim that he is that fulfillment.  This is a massive claim so Jesus is either a grossly deceptive madman or, as he claims,  the son of God. There is no middle ground.  The crowds around him knew this too, hence their accusations in v49 and actions in v59. 

We have a similar choice to make when we read John but I don’t think the writer makes it easy for us.  In fact, I imagine a lot of the time we find ourselves relating to the crowd’s questions, even with the rest of the Bible in our possession.  I think John has done this deliberately as the decision to follow Jesus should not be taken lightly.  John wants us to take stock of Jesus’ claims and make sure we aware that some of it is going to be hard for us to accept. 

We are also in Abraham’s position where we are waiting for the fulfillment of all that is promised by Jesus, making it even harder to follow Jesus in this day and age of instant gratification.  But if these claims are true, if Jesus really does transcend the time and space of creation, if those who obey his word receive eternal life (i.e. believe that Jesus is who he says he is), then our present struggles will pale into comparison with the everlasting glory of the presence of God.



·       Ask for God for help as we wait for the fulfillment of all that is promised in and through Jesus

·       Ask God for help in obeying his word and trusting in his plan for your life. 

·       Pray that God will draw more people to him through his word by his spirit

·       Praise God for the life you now have in Christ and ask for help in finding rest and contentment

Providence City