I AM Week 6: Day 3

v.30 ends with the reader being told that, despite the confusion of many, there are those that believe Jesus is who he says he is.  We are told in v.31 that Jesus addresses these people directly. 

Read John 8:31 – 47


It seems from v31 that Jesus has found a group of people who trust him.  What do you then make of the proceeding statements where Jesus accuses his listeners of being ‘slaves to sin’ (v34) and belonging to the devil (v44)? 

If the people really believed in him, what would it look like?  Who does Jesus compare them to and why? 

What is the analogy that Jesus returns to throughout this passage? 

What are some of the hopes and promises for believers embedded in Jesus’ rebukes?

From this passage, what do you think humanity’s ultimate goal is? 



Who your related to mattered in 1st century Jerusalem and it equally matters today.  You will often benefit if someone in your family has position, power or privilege.  Initially accused of being slaves, the crowd is quick to point out that they can’t be slaves as Abraham is their ‘father’! Jesus points out that, based on the way they received him, they can’t be Abraham’s ‘children’.   The crowd try a different tact and point to God as their father but this again is met with a rebuke.  For to know and accept the father and claim the benefits of this means knowing and accepting his son. 

Read Romans 8:15 – 17

 Jesus hints at the promised freedom we have in him in v35 and 36.  Belief in the son means we that, through the Spirit, we are no longer slaves to sin. Our father is not the ‘father of lies’ but we become the adopted children of the true father and co-heirs with Christ.    


·       Praise God for the promise of adoption into his family.  Thank God that we are his sons and daughters in Christ.   

·       Ask God for help to trust Jesus and live in a way that reflects our new family

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