I AM Week 6: Day 2

Read John 8:21 - 30


What is the repeated phrase in the beginning of this passage? 

What is the contrast Jesus sets out in v23? 

What is the problem and its solution outlined in v24?

How does Jesus answer the question of his identity?  (v25 – 26)

What is the event that will finally reveal who Jesus is and why he is so confident in what he teaches?  (v28 – 29).



Jesus’ identity is intrinsically linked to that of the fathers.  Jesus only ‘speaks what the Father has taught (him)’ and ‘always (does) what pleases him’. 

Read Matthew 26:36 – 39

Following the father was not always easy for Jesus but we know from Matthew’s account that Jesus bowed to the father’s will and not his own (Matt 26:42).  It would be Jesus’ submission to the father that would lead to him being lifted up on the cross.  The effect of Jesus being ‘lifted up from the earth’ is that people are drawn to him and therefore drawn to relationship with the father (John 12:32).    

We have the choice of ‘dying in our sin’ (v21 – 24) or trusting that Jesus is ‘the light of the world’.  When we do trust Jesus, we link our identity with his life, death and resurrection and, in response, try to live in a way that pleases the father. 



·       Thank God for the promise found in Jesus: eternal life in a resurrected body

·       Ask God for help to live in light of this life

·       Praise and thank God for sending Jesus and ask for help in continuing to trust that he is who he says he is  

Providence City