I AM Week 6: Day 1

The clerical pressure mounts on Jesus at the end of chapter 7 but as we’ll see from chapter 8, he seems unperturbed and continues to teach in the temple courts in his own enigmatic way. 

Read John 8:12 - 20


What do you think Jesus means when he says ‘He is the Light of the World’? 

What does Jesus promise? 

How do the Pharisees try to undermine Jesus’ testimony about himself? 

How does Jesus counter their arguments? 

In what ways does Jesus link himself to the Father? 



Can you think of another time when the Israelites had to follow a light? 

Read Exodus 13:20 – 22

The world offers a variety of idols positioning themselves as something worthy of devotion.  These include various faiths and religions, celebrities and athletes, ‘lifestyles’ and probably most popularly, ‘the thing that makes you feel good’. 

What is it that your heart is drawn to?  What does it promise?  How does it deliver it? 

Some of these idols promise more than others but none can deliver what Jesus promises: A revelation of who the father is or as he describes it, the light of life.  To know Jesus, is to know the father and to know the father is to have life and ultimate fulfillment. 


·       Praise the father for sending his son so that we may have fulfilling life

·       Ask God to forgive you for those times where you have sought to satisfy yourself with things that are not of God and not lasting

·       Ask God for help to trust that Jesus is who he says he is, placing your life in his hands. 

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