I AM Week 9: Day 4

Pray and read

Praise God for making himself known to us by his Son. Ask him to give you eyes that see, and a heart which responds with faith and thanksgiving. Read John 11:45-57.


How do the Jews who have been visiting Mary respond to Jesus? 

What is the concern of the Pharisees and the Chief Priests? Is it a legitimate concern? How does it compare to their previous concerns about Jesus?

What does Caiaphas intend by his statement about Jesus’ death? What does John make of it?

Who might John be referring to in v52 by “the scattered children of God?” What are the possibilities?

What shift occurs in the narrative as a result of their meeting?


In this chapter we see the hope which Jesus is about to bring about by his death and resurrection – the forgiveness of sins, the defeat of death and the hope of bodily resurrection life. How might the resurrection life you have in Jesus shape your priorities today? In your relationships? At work? In the way you use your time, and spend your money?


Praise God that in Jesus we have the forgiveness of our sins and the hope of life in the age to come.

Ask God to help you live as one who will be raised to life when Jesus returns.

Providence City