I AM Week 9: Day 3

Pray and read

Praise God for making himself known to us by his Son. Ask him to give you eyes that see, and a heart which responds with faith and thanksgiving. Read John 11:38-44.


At Lazarus’ tomb, Jesus asks them to remove the stone. Why does Martha object? 

What do you make of Jesus’ prayer? What does he want the people listening to believe?

What do you notice about Lazarus as he comes out of the tomb? What might a second-time reader of John’s gospel notice in comparison to Jesus’ resurrection? 

In what way do those present see the glory of God (v40, see also v4)?


What is your response to seeing the glory of God in his Son, Jesus? How might it shape your day today, in what the Lord has given you to do at work, or at home, or in your community?


Thank God for sending Jesus, and for the life available to us by his resurrection.

Ask God to help you live as someone who has seen his glory in the Lord Jesus.

Providence City