I AM Week 8: Day 4

Read: John 10:31-42



Why do the Jews want to stone him in verse 33?

Why does Scripture saying “you are gods” help Jesus’ argument to call himself the Son of God (v34-36)? 

What is Jesus proof of his identity in verse 38? Is there any distinction between “know” and “understand” in verse 38?

Why do you think John would end with verse 42?



John 10 ends on a sobering note. Jesus returns to the place John the Baptist had been baptising, however, he is not there. John the Gospel writer assumes you know that John the Baptist was killed. Yet despite this and the Jewish rejection of Jesus, “many believed in him there” (verse 42). Regardless of how Jesus and his followers are treated in the world, many continue to believe. Consider how knowing Jesus’ message will be rejected helps you grow in your own faith and courage. 



  • Thank God that he shows us that Jesus is God through many trusty sources: the Bible, Jesus’ works and through Jesus’ words

  • Ask God to grow your certainty in Jesus even though many may reject him

  • Consider those you know that have rejected Jesus and ask God, in his mercy, to change their hearts to believe

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