I AM Week 8: Day 3

Despite his explanation and identification as the Good Shepherd. The Jews still fail to understand Jesus and demand from him a straight answer (10:24).


Read: John 10:22-30



What answer does Jesus give to Jewish unbelief (v25)?

Why will none of Jesus’ sheep slip from his grasp (v28)?

The Feast of Dedication celebrates the Jews winning back their temple for God in 164BC from pagan rule (v22). Why would this be relevant when Jesus is about to talk his one-ness with the Father (v30)?



Jesus’ words are a particular comfort to persecuted Christians, like the blind man (9:35-41). Jesus’ promise is that none of his sheep will be snatched out of his hand. In the midst of being treated badly for faith, this is a huge encouragement that God loves us securely. Consider how the security of having Jesus as the “good shepherd” grows your courage to share your faith.  



  • Thank God that he knows each one of us deeply and individually and that no matter how we are treated, he has each of us secure.

  • Ask God that he would grow courage in us to live for Jesus.

  • Ask God to help you in one context/relationship/friendship to share your faith where you find it difficult 

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