I AM Week 8: Day 2

The Jews did not understand what Jesus meant by the good shepherd and the sheep (9:6). Jesus explains himself again.


Read: John 10:7-21



Jesus says “I am the door” in verse 9. What are the main contrasts with the thieves in verse 10?

Jesus says “I am the good shepherd” in verse 11 and 14. What are the main contrasts with the hired hands?

Who do you think verse 16 refers to? Why would this be an issue for the Jewish leaders?

What does it mean for Jesus to take his life up again in verse 17-18?



Read Ezekiel 34:7-10. Jesus is presenting himself as the good shepherd and the gate who will give the sheep life in abundance, contrary to the bad shepherds and hired hands who only look out for themselves. This reveals that Jesus’ heart is for each of his sheep, even to the extent of laying his life down for every single one. Consider times and situations when you doubt Jesus’ love and meditate on the extent of Jesus’ love as the Good Shepherd.



  • Thank God that Jesus is the good shepherd who laid down his life down for us

  • Ask God that he would grow your assurance in his love as you, particular in times and situations of doubt

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