I AM Week 8: Day 1

In John 9:35-41, the blind man has just confessed his belief in Jesus but was kicked out of the synagogue. He is presented as a solitary believer in the midst of an unbelieving Jewish crowd.


Read: John 10:1-6



What are the main characteristics of the thieves and the robbers? (See v1, 5)

What are the main characteristics of the shepherd? (See v2-4)

Who are the sheep? Who do you think the strangers are in verse 5?

Jesus was speaking in a “figure of speech” (v6). Does this change the way we should understand the story?



The account of the Shepherd and the sheep who know his voice addresses the tragedy of the blind man being rejected from the synagogue. The implication is that anyone’s response to Jesus come from their ownership to him. Jesus’ sheep obey his voice and will not obey the voice of strangers. The Jews who rejected Jesus show they are not of his flock. Consider your actions day to day and if you listen to and follow God’s voice through the Bible.     



  • Thank God that his sheep will always hear his voice, follow him and that they cannot be led astray  

  • Ask God that he would help you to live each day to follow Jesus the Good Shepherd and reject the voice of “strangers" 


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