I AM Week 7: Day 4

After the blind man’s double interrogation, he was kicked out of the synagogue by the Pharisees.

Read: John 9:35-41


·         Read Dan 7:9-14. What is the significance of Jesus addressing himself as the Son of Man in v35?

·         What is the blind man’s response to Jesus in v38?

·         What is the judgment that Jesus brings in v39?

·         Why are the Pharisees blind according to Jesus in v41?   


Read John 20:31. John 9 shows us that Jesus is the Christ and light of the world, by literally being the light for the blind man. Jesus shows through this that he the true light for those in their rejection and ignorance of God. This shows us that to believe in Jesus is to worship and acknowledge our spiritual blindness before him. Consider your faith and whether it really leads to praise and humble confession. 


·         Thank God that Jesus is the light of the world and God has given us faith in him.

·         Ask God for forgiveness for the sins in our lives and that the Spirit would change our hearts to worship him with more passion, truth and depth than before.

·         Ask God for the people who you know that are still in spiritual blindness, that God would give you opportunities to share about Jesus and that they would know Jesus is the light of the world. 

Providence City