I AM Week 7: Day 3

After having questioned the blind man and his parents, the Pharisees question the blind man again to try and ascertain what Jesus actually did. 

Read: John 9:24-34


·         In v24, what conviction do the Pharisees have about Jesus?

·         Why do the Pharisees boast that they are Moses’ disciples?

·         Why does the blind man think it is an incredible thing that the Pharisees do not understand where Jesus is from in v30? 

·         Who does the blind man think Jesus is in v31-33?


Read Isaiah 29:18-19. Jesus’ miracle was meant to indicate that he is God’s chosen one. However, the Pharisees remind blind because they fail to let the evidence change their minds. Our spiritual blindness to God is often caused by our own pride. We fail to allow God’s word to change our minds and challenge our hearts. Consider the ways that you have wilfully been blind to God’s will and word and how you may let God change you instead.


·         Thank God, that even though we were all spiritually blind, he has changed and humble us before Jesus.

·         Ask that God would humble us before him so that we would change our ways to follow him. 

·         Ask God to challenge us in the specific areas in our lives where we stubbornly refuse to acknowledge God.

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