I AM Week 7: Day 2

With confusion around the significance of the miracle, the people bring the blind man before the Pharisees.

Read: John 9:13-23


·         Why would John include the detail that this miracle occurred on the Sabbath in v14?

·         Describe the two sides of the Pharisees that are in division and their different views on Jesus.

·         Who does the blind man think Jesus is in v17? Why?

·         In v22, why do the blind man’s parents do not confess who healed their son? 


Read John 16:2. The persecution for Jesus’ followers was increasing to the point of death. The blind man’s parents were scared of these consequences. Fear can be a common response when face persecution for being Christian. However, when this leads to denial, we contradict the work of God. Today we may face disregard in social settings, workplaces and friendships. Consider the incredible work that God has done in you, and how you might be faithful to God in times of persecution.


·         Thank God that although we were blind in our sin, we can now see Jesus and God’s grace.

·         Ask God to help you to be courageous and faithful, even when it may result in bad consequences.

·         Ask God that he may even turn these persecutors to Christ and forgiveness in him.

Providence City