I AM Week 7: Day 1

Jesus said he was the light of the world (John 8:12). In response, the Jews chase him out of temple and try to stone him (John 8:59). On their way out of the temple, Jesus and his disciples encounter a blind man.

Read: John 9:1-12


·         Why was the man born blind in v3?

·         What is the “work of God” in v3-4? 

·         When do you think “the night” in v4 might be?

·         Why do you think John would include v8-12?


Read John 6:28-29. In v3 Jesus states that the man was born blind so that the work of God can be done in him. Although incredible that Jesus heals the blind man, the purpose of his blindness was for God to give him faith in Jesus. Sometimes when we suffer, we can believe it is caused by our sinfulness (v2). However, 9:1-12 shows us that sometimes we suffer so that God may work in our lives even more. Contemplate how you might be able to be faithful and grow in faithfulness the next time you struggle.


·         Thank God that his plans are bigger than what we can see and understand.

·         Ask God to help you see that our suffering is part of God’s gracious plan to help us grow.

·         Praise God that although suffering is hard, Jesus’ suffered once for all to bring us salvation. 

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