Church #nofilter 12.1


Thank God for his word and ask him to speak to you through his Spirit as you read it and reflect on it.

Read: 1 Corinthians 7:25-29


In Chapter 7, Paul has been breaking down the relationships we have as Christians and how they effect our relationship with God. Here he continues that theme.

Is what we read here mandated by God or inspired wisdom from Paul? (vs 25 & 28)

What’s the difference between ‘right & wrong’ and ‘wise & un-wise’?

From what we’ve learnt about the Corinthian church already, what could ‘the present crisis’ be, that Paul is reacting to? (vs 26)

If they’re already married or engaged, what does Paul encourage the Corinthians to do? (vs 27)

If they’re single, what does Paul encourage them to do? (vs 27)

What’s Pauls reasoning for thinking this way? (vs 28)

Do you think Paul’s wisdom here is just for the Corinthians and the problems in their church, or do you think it still applies to us today?


There definitely seems to be a direct Corinthian issues that Paul’s reacting to here. However, Paul’s wisdom is still very applicable to us today. He’s clearly saying that we always have the freedom to get married, however getting married may not always be the wisest decision for us. If you are single and cannot control your desires, maybe you should learn some self-control first. If you are married and cannot control your desires, you shouldn’t just bail but also learn to control yourself. Marriage is a big, life-long commitment that naturally creates more issues – so make sure you’re ready for it.

We could easily think of our church as nothing like the Corinthians, but that would be foolish. Have a think about your life:

If you’re single how are you going at managing your sexual desires?

If you’re married, are you wholly devoted to your spouse both physically and mentally?

If you’re not going great at either, Paul would encourage you to stay as you are (married/single) but to change the way you behave. To learn self-discipline, repent, ask God for help and pursue God first.


·       Thank God for his grace and mercy through Jesus.

·       Ask God to forgive you of any un-repented sexual sins and desires.

·       Ask God for strength, discipline and wisdom from his Spirit.

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