Church #nofilter 12.3


Thank God for his word and ask him to speak to you through his Spirit as you read it and reflect on it.

Read: 1 Corinthians 7:36-40


Paul is worried that people are to easily distracted from fully devoting their lives to God. Mourning, joy, material possessions, even marriage distract us from him. Therefore, Pauls recommendation is that we stay single. However, that’s not all he has to say.

If you’re in a relationship and you can’t control your desires, what’s Paul’s recommendation? (vs 36)

According to Paul, is that an okay prompt to get married? (vs 36)

Does Paul view getting married as the easy way out? Consider 1 Cor 7:28.

However, if you do have control over your desires and aren’t already engaged, what’s Paul’s recommendation? (vs 37)

Which option is wrong? (vs 38)

How long is marriage a commitment for? (vs 39)

What is Paul’s non-negotiable for the person you choose to marry? (vs 39)


While Paul wisely gives a lot of wise reasons for not marrying, he’s still sympathitec to the natural desires of most people. He isn’t shocked that people want to enjoy physical intimacy with other. However, he does point out that by gaining one freedom you’re also inheriting many other restrictions. Both are good option’s but Paul’s wisdom (which he’s confident in) recommends singleness.

If you’re single, have you ever thought about your singleness in the way Paul presents it?

If you’re in a relationship and struggling to control yourself sexually, what steps would you need to make in order to get married?

If you’re not married and struggling to control yourself sexually, what steps do you need to put in-place to re-gain control and honour God with your body?

If you’re single and not struggling to control yourself sexually, have you thought about how you can glorify God in the freedoms of your singleness?

If you’re married and struggling in your relationship, what steps do you need to take to fix it?


·       Thank God for the wisdom of his word.

·       Ask God to help you orient your desires towards him and his glory.

·       Ask God to give you a friend to pray for who’s struggling in their relationship or singleness.

·       If your struggling in your relationship or singleness, ask him to help you.

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