Church #nofilter 12.2


Thank God for his word and ask him to speak to you through his Spirit as you read it and reflect on it.

Read: 1 Corinthians 7:29-35


Given their current attitude towards sex, Paul has encouraged the Corinthians not to change their existing relationship status’. Essentially, his wisdom is, they already have enough problems to sort out, so don’t increase them by getting into or leaving a relationship. He then goes on to tell them what they should be doing.

Why is time short? (vs 29 & 31)

Because time is short, why shouldn’t we focus on the things in vs 29-31?

What should we focus on? (vs 35)

According to Paul, what does our relationship status have to do with our devotion to God? (vs 32-35)

Why is Paul saying these things? (vs 35) 


Our time on earth is short, meaning we shouldn’t focus on the things that are temporal, but the things of God that will last forever. In our Western Christian culture, marriage is often promoted as the best way to do this. By getting rid of distractions we can serve God fully. But here, Paul gives a very different picture. Paul’s logic says, marriage actually divides your attention and distracts you from devoting your life to God.

If you’re single, do you think you’re making the most of your opportunity to fully devote your life and attention to God?

Have you ever thought of this as a blessing?

If married, how are you going at fully devoting your life to God? What is the most important relationship in your life? How you could focus all your attention on God?


·       Thank God for the unique gifts of singleness and marriage.

·       Ask God to forgive you for putting other things in-front of him.

·       Ask God to help to you prioritise him above everything else.

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