I AM Week 4: Day 4

The focus of today’s passage moves to the disciples and their difficulty with understanding and following Jesus’ teaching.  When John refers to ‘disciples’ in this passage, he means more than the twelve disciples.  We know this because John records Jesus specifically refers to the twelve in verse 67.   

Read John 6: 60 - 66   


Re - read 6:53 – 58.  Why do you think the disciples found Jesus’ teaching hard to accept?   

What does Jesus contrast in v62-63?  Why?   

Is Jesus surprised by the non-believers and their actions?  (v64-65)    


Verse 66 seems to just hang in the air.  It was all too hard for them to believe that their own works, that the ‘good’ things they did weren’t enough to save them.  Only through ‘feeding on Jesus’ (v57), by believing he is who he says he is (v47) will we have a relationship with the father and the life that he promises.   

The first three chapters of Romans paint a bleak picture of humanity’s sin, summed up by 3:23 explaining that ‘all have fallen short of the glory of God’.  We can’t save ourselves, no matter how good we are because at some point, we will all slip below God’s holy standard.  Faith in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is the only solution to this but it requires a spiritual humility to accept it.   

How do you view yourself and the ‘good’ that you do?  Is it a response to the relationship you have with God or as a means to this relationship?  


  • Thank God for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and it’s power to save those whose trust in it  

  • Ask God for help in viewing good works as in their proper light and not as a means to salvation  

  • Praise God for the way he guides his people through his word by his spirit.  

Providence City