I AM Week 4: Day 3

Today we read the crowd’s reaction to Jesus’ claims about himself, leading to a rebuke from Jesus and in doing so, providing further teaching on who he is.      

Read John 6:40 - 52 


According to Jesus, what is the Father’s will?  (v40) 

Why are the Jews grumbling? (v41 – 42) 

Read v43 – 47 carefully, noting the roles of the father and son (a.k.a. Jesus) 

How does Jesus differentiate between the ‘manna in the wilderness’ and the ‘bread that comes down from heaven’? (v48 – 50)  

Jesus drops a hint about his future in v51.  What is it?   

How would you describe the way Jesus answers the Jews (v52) in verses 53 – 58?   

What is the significance of verse 59?   


There is a lot in this passage that we could look at it but for today, we’ll focus our application on v52 – 59.  Here we see the crowd’s confusion about what Jesus is talking about, appearing to take him to too literally. However, it Jesus ups the ante by sounding even more like someone encouraging cannibalism.   His words sound a like something Christians would say/read when taking the bread and the wine of communion/Lord’s supper.  Although communion has not been instituted at this point in Jesus’ ministry it does help us understand what it means.  Communion is simply a physical representation of believers taking the spiritual benefits of Jesus’ death inside, by faith.   

Next time you take communion, take some extra time to reflect on Jesus giving his body for you and the life you have now that you have spiritually partaken in it.   


  • Praise Jesus for his obedience to the Father in giving his life for unworthy people  

  • Write down 2-3 ways your life has been changed by Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Praise God for these changes.   

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