I AM Week 4: Day 2

Yesterday we found the crowd looking for temporal sustenance but Jesus providing, instead,  

providing something that will eternally satisfy.  Our current preaching series title is ‘I AM’ and here we find the first of the 7 ‘I AM’ statements uttered by Jesus in John’s gospel.   

Read John 6:32 - 40 


How does Jesus describe the ‘bread of God’? (v33)  

Who does Jesus say he is?  (v35) 

What is Jesus’ mission? (v38) 

How will Jesus complete this mission? (v37, 39-40) 


Jesus makes bold claims about who he is, who has sent him and why he was sent.  These claims probably don’t seem shocking to those of us who have been in church for a while or who have grown up in a somewhat-christian, western culture but these are big statements to first century Jews. At this point, the crowd needs to make a decision: either Jesus is a blaspheming mad-man or he is who he says he is, the Messiah.   

We have a similar choice to make when we read these words.  Jesus presents the same, life-giving clams to us and we can choose to either repent, believe and come to him or reject him.   

For those readers who are Christians, you may find there are areas of your life that haven’t been brought to Jesus, that you are still holding onto.  Can I encourage you to pray about it asking for God’s help and perhaps also speak to trusted Christian friend.   



  • Thank God for the promise found in Jesus: eternal life in a resurrected body 

  • Ask God for help to live in light of this life 

  • Praise and thank God for sending Jesus and ask for help in continuing to trust that he is who he says he is   

Providence City