I AM Week 4: Day 1

Re-read John 6:1 – 21 and remind yourself of what’s taken place so far in the chapter.   

John 6  begins with Jesus miraculously providing food for 5000 people and then walking on water during stormy conditions.  We pick up our passage just after these two miracles have been performed with a perplexed crowd watching on.   

Read John 6:22 - 33  


Why do you think the crowd is confused? (v22) 

What are the crowd searching for? What do you think they hope to find?  (v25-26)  

Why is Jesus not impressed with all their ‘searching’ and ‘finding’? (v27 – 29) 

What is that Jesus actually provides?  (v30 – 33)   


Read Numbers 7: 1 - 9 

This little passage in Numbers is the ‘manna’ that the crowd is referring to.  As you can read from the passage, God provided this manna when the Israelites started to grumble about their predicament in the desert.  Jesus points out that both the bread provided to the 5000 and the manna from heaven will neither last nor truly satisfy.  The people should be ‘working’ for food that lasts, that ‘endures to eternal life’.    

What does Jesus mean by working?  (v29) 

What kind of ‘food’ are you searching for?  Where do you search for it?   


  • Praise God for sending his son, the ‘bread of life’, so that we might have everlasting life 

  • Ask God to forgive you for those times where you have sought to ultimately satisfy yourself with things that are not of God and not lasting  

  • Ask God for help to trust that Jesus is who he says he is, placing your life in his hands.   

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