I AM Week 3: Day 4

Read: John 5:31-47.



Today we’ll read the second part of Jesus’ response to the Jewish leaders who are angered by his claim to divinity.  

What was the purpose of John the Baptist? How is he different to Jesus? (See also John 1:6-8).  

In what ways does the Father testify about Jesus? (vv. 36-40)

What mistake does Jesus accuse the Jewish leaders of making in verse 39-40?



Jesus is claiming that the purpose of John the Baptist’s ministry, Jesus’ own works and the Scriptures including the words of Moses, is to point people to the real source of life - Jesus. 

The Scriptures, like John, point away from themselves to Jesus. It’s possible to study the scriptures carefully but miss the point of them. 

Are there circumstances when you are tempted to trust in programs, preachers or your own knowledge of the Bible to save, rather than Jesus to whom they point? 

What implications do these words of Jesus have for your role in the salvation of others?  



·     Praise God that he has chosen to reveal himself to us through the works and words of the Son! 

·     Ask that the Spirit would continue to point you Jesus as you read the Bible. 

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