I AM Week 3: Day 2

Yesterday we read that Jesus’ healing of an invalid triggered persecution from the religious leaders. He is firstly accused of breaking the Sabbath, but more seriously they understand he is claiming equality with God, and as a result want to kill him. Today we’ll read the whole of Jesus’ response to them.  

Read John 5:19-47


Think about how the following themes from earlier in John are further developed by Jesus here:  

-      Eternal/new life 

-      Belief in the Son 

-      Testimony


Reread John 5:24and Colossians 1:13

Notice the gift of life is present tense. How is this good news for you now as well as the future? 

How might having life in Jesus now without fear of condemnation impact on your approach to the challenges you’ll face today (at work, home, in relationships)? 


·     Ask that God would help you to not only hear the words of Jesus, but respond to his words and promises with belief and trust. 

·     Pray for friends and family members you know who have not heard or believed the words of Jesus. Pray that they would take hold of the life he offers. 

Providence City