I AM Week 3: Day 1

Read: John 5:19-47


This week devotions will focus on Jesus’ response to opposition from the Pharisees in John 5:19-47. For context, first read John 5:1-18.

What does the cured man do that catches the attention of the Jewish leaders? 

How does the man defend himself? (v. 8-11)

Why do the Jewish leaders initially begin to persecute Jesus? (v16)

How does Jesus respond in verse 17 and why does this escalate tension? 



Rather than marvel at the miraculous working of Jesus in the life of the invalid, the Jewish leaders react initially against Jesus’ ‘work’ on the Sabbath and the breaking of their code. Those who claim to be wise in matters of religion, are in fact spiritually blind.    

What does Jesus’ interaction with the invalid man reveal about the character of God? 

As we read John’s account and witness the actions of Jesus, how ought we respond to him?  

Ultimately, the Pharisees’ biggest problem with Jesus was his apparent claim to divinity (v. 18). Tomorrow we’ll read Jesus’ response to this.  



·     Praise God for his power, mercy and love towards us, displayed in the life of Jesus.

·     Ask that reading through John’s account and witnessing the words and works of the Lord Jesus, the Spirit would grow in you a deeper knowledge, love and trust in him.  

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