Kings Week 16: Day 3

Pray and read

Praise God for revealing himself by his word, and ask him to help you hear and respond to it with repentance and faith by his Spirit at work in you. Read 2 Kings 23:31 - 24:20.


Four more kings reign in Judah after Josiah. What is each like? Do they follow the Lord? How do they treat the people of Judah? How do they respond to the kings of other nations who oppose them?

How does God use the nations surrounding Judah to exact his judgement? How does the fall of Judah progress in this section of the book?

What conclusion does the author of Kings draw regarding these events in 24:20?

Around the time of the Bablyonian exile, the prophet Jeremiah spoke words of hope for Israel. Read Jeremiah 31:23-40. What is that hope?


God takes the sin of his people seriously. Do you take your sin seriously?

God has fulfilled his promise given through Jeremiah to fill us with his Spirit and give us a new heart. What hope does that give you as you struggle with sin?


Confess your sin to God.

Praise God for the hope we have in Jesus, of sins forgiven and new hearts.

Providence City