Romans Week 2: Day 3

Pray and read

Ask God to continue growing your love for Jesus and his people as you read and understand today’s passage, and that this love would abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight.

Read Romans 10:14-21 (you may want to re-read 10:5-13 for Paul’s flow)


What is the relationship between faith and hearing the message of Christ?

Who did God send to preach this message to Israel? What was their response?

It seems like Israel is accountable for their rejection of the message. How does this fit with 9:16-21?

Is Israel’s situation hopeless? (see 10:1)


How did Gentiles come to hear the message of Christ?

How did you come to hear the message of Christ? Who preached it to you?

Can you articulate the message of Christ, in a way that means you could share it with someone if you had the opportunity? If not, how does Romans 9-10 help you know the message of Christ? How else could you become equipped to know it?

If you feel ready to share the message, do you have opportunities? What are people’s responses to the message?


Thank God for the faithfulness of the person or people who preached the message to you. Ask God to help you be faithful with that message with the people around you.

Pray specifically for some people you would like to share the message with, that they would hear and believe the message, and be saved.

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