Romans Week 1: Day 4

Pray and read

Ask for God’s Spirit to use today’s passage to bring about a deeper love and trust of God in you.

Read Romans 9:30-33.


What have Gentile Christians pursued and received? How?

What did the people of Israel pursue and receive? Why?

Read Isaiah 8:13-17. Who is the stone, and why does he cause people to stumble? How does this message lead Isaiah to trusting him? What does Isaiah 28:16 add to our understanding of the stone?


What does it mean to you to have obtained righteousness by faith?

Can there be boasting, if righteousness is obtained by trusting in God’s mercy? How does this affect how we view those who haven’t trusted God?


Thank God for providing a righteousness that is obtained by faith.

Ask God for humility in how we view others, as well as a love for them to know Christ for themselves.


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