Romans Week 1: Day 3

Pray and Read

Ask for God’s Spirit to use today’s passage to bring about a deeper love and trust of God in you.

Read Romans 9:19-29. Note: Paul’s words continue from the previous passage, so you can re-read 9:1-18 if you want it fresh.


Why might someone argue that they are not to blame for God’s mercy and hardening?

What is Paul’s response?

How do the passages from the Old Testament support Paul’s response?


God’s sovereignty can feel impersonal and distant, yet Romans 9 explains it from the context of God’s mercy, compassion and patience.

Are you troubled by God’s sovereignty over those who are saved and those who aren’t? How does Paul feel about it? (see 9:1-5) What is he troubled by?

How can your own sorrow and anguish move you to trust God and towards action?


Thank God for his mercy, compassion and patience.

Ask that your sorrow and anguish would lead you to cling to him, and to share his message with those around you.

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