Romans Week 1: Day 2

Pray and Read

Ask for God’s Spirit to use today’s passage to bring about a deeper love and trust of God in you.

Read Romans 9:14-18. Note: Paul’s words continue from the previous passage, so you can re-read 9:1-13 if you want it fresh.


How can the idea of God’s election of Jacob over Esau, not based on works, lead to the criticism that God is unjust?

What is Paul’s response to this criticism?


Isaac was made a child of the promise by God’s mercy, not by his works. What unity is there between Isaac and Christians today?

Does God’s mercy feel just or unjust to you? What difference does this make to how you relate to God?


Thank God for his mercy toward you.

Pray for those who are yet to become children of God’s promise, that God would have mercy on them as well.

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