Romans Week 1: Day 1

Read and pray

Ask for God’s Spirit to use today’s passage to bring about a deeper love and trust of God in you.

Read Romans 9:1-13

[If you want the background to Abraham, read Genesis 15:1-6; 17:15-22; 21:1-7. For the background to Isaac, read Genesis 25]


What sets apart the people of Israel from the Gentiles in 9:4-5?

Why then does Paul have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in his heart for them?

Why might someone think God’s word had failed in keeping the promise to Abraham’s descendants?

What are Paul’s two responses to that view?


What does this passage mean for Jews who are Christians today? What about those who aren’t Christian?

What does this passage mean for Gentile Christians who think themselves above Jewish non-Christians? 


Thank God for his work among the people of Israel.

Ask that he would bring many more to know him, and that he would protect and grow those Jews who have put their trust in Christ.

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