Kings Week 12: Day 3

Pray and read

Ask God to grow you in wisdom as you read his word, that you might live a life pleasing to him in every way. Read 2 Chronicles 22:10 – 24:27.


This passage from Chronicles recalls the same events as those in Kings 11 – 12. However, whereas Kings was likely written during the exile in Babylon, Chronicles was likely written much later, when the people were back in the land.

In what ways is this account in Chronicles the same as the account in Kings? In what ways is it different?

How does the account of events in Chronicles help explain the circumstances of Joash’s death?

Jehoida the priest is given more attention by the author of Chronicles than the author of Kings. What overall impression do you get of him?

How might the different contexts of the two authors have shaped these two accounts of the same events?


In what ways might Jehoida serve as an example for us to follow?


Ask God to keep conforming you to the likeness of his Son, that you might be faithful to him, in whatever situation he’s called you.

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