Kings Week 15: Day 3

Pray and Read

Ask God for understanding and insight into today’s passage, that leads to faithfulness and love for him. Read Ezekiel 18.


The three generations of men in Ezekiel 18 fit the description of King Hezekiah, his son King Manasseh and his great-grandson King Josiah (skipping King Amon).

What is God teaching Israel through his real life illustration? What will happen to the righteous-turned-unrighteous person? What about the unrighteous person who repents and acts righteously? What does it demonstrate about each person’s relationship to God?

What does God want Israel to do? Why?


Read Matthew 21:28-32, which is a parable Jesus told to the chief priests and elders.

What does Jesus teach about repentance? About disobedience?

Are either sons faultless in their relationship with their father?

What’s the connection between belief and actions?

Read Acts 2:36-41. What’s the relationship between repentance and the gospel message?

Have you repented from your unrighteousness before God, and asked for forgiveness? If not, what’s stopping you?

If you have repented, are you ever tempted to turn away from God and return to unrighteousness? What has stopped you?


Thank God for his offer of forgiveness, despite our unrighteousness.

Ask God for faithfulness in repentance, and to remain devoted to him.

Providence City