Kings Week 15: Day 2

Pray and Read

Ask God for understanding and insight into today’s passage, that leads to faithfulness and love for him. Read 2 Kings 21:2-3, 13.


King Manasseh’s sins are compared to those of the Amorites and King Ahab of Israel.

Read Genesis 15:12-16. The Amorites inhabited the land before Israel and Judah. However, God only gave them the land when the Amorites had reached a particular measure of sin.

What sins did the Amorites commit? (see Deut 12:29-31, 1 Kings 21:26, 2 Kings 16:3).

How do these sins compare to King Manasseh’s sins in 2 Kings 21?

What were the sins of King Ahab? (1 Kings 16:29-33, 1 Kings 21:17-26)

How did God punish the Amorites and King Ahab?


These passages reveal that God does not show favouritism; he punishes Judah, Israel and Gentile nations justly for their rejection of him as their God.

Read Romans 3:21-30. How are Jews and Gentiles treated equally before God?

Why is it merciful that God sent Jesus to redeem Jews? Gentiles?

Why is there no boasting in our salvation?

What does this mean for evangelism for Jews? For Gentiles?


Thank God for bringing Gentiles into his salvation.

Ask God for forgiveness for any pride or boasting we may have done because we’ve thought our works contributed to our redemption.

Ask God to help us live by faith, and that he would bring many more Jews and Gentiles to know him. Ask for boldness and the privilege to be part of that work.

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