Kings Week 14: Day 4

Kings Week 12: Day 4

Pray and read

Praise God for revealing himself by his word, and ask him to help you hear and respond to it with repentance and faith by his Spirit at work in you. Read 2 King 20:1-21.


How does Hezekiah respond to the news he is going to die? What is the outcome?

What do you make of Hezekiah’s hospitality toward the envoy from Babylon? How might Isaiah’s prophecy regarding the future conquest of Jerusalem by Babylon shape your opinion?

What do you make of Hezekiah’s response to Isaiah’s prophecy?

Hezekiah was as good as it gets for the kings of Judah, and yet Judah will still fall. Why do you think the writer of kings chooses to end his account of Hezekiah in this way? What is the impact for the reader of kings – Then? Now?


Even as Isaiah prophesied God’s judgement against Judah (and all Israel) he prophesied hope of redemption from Babylon. Read Isaiah 11. How have we seen these promises fulfilled – In Israel? In Jesus?

How does Jesus rule provide you with hope?


Praise God for sending his Son to rule in perfect righteousness, bringing peace and life.

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