Kings Week 13: Day 3


Ask God to give you insight into his Word as you reflect on today’s passage, and that this would lead to you to add to your faith: goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, mutual affection, and love. (2 Tim 2:7, 2 Peter 1:5-7)

Read and explore

Yesterday’s passage (2 Kings 14:23-16:20) covers about 75 years of concurrent history between the kings of Israel and Judah. We had a brief glimpse of their kingships and actions, and since Elisha’s death, we haven’t heard from any prophets, except a mention of a prophecy from Jonah (14:25). Has God stopped speaking to his people?

Read Isaiah 1:1, Isaiah 7:1, Hosea 1:1, Amos 1:1, Micah 1:1.

Which kings do you recognise from 2 Kings 14:23-16:20?

These books are God’s words through his prophets to the kings and their people in the section we’re up to in 2 Kings. If you read the books with 2 Kings 13-17 in mind, you’ll recognise much of the context.

Choose one of the following sets of passages to read (or read all of them if you’re feeling keen)

Hosea 4

Amos 2:4-16, 5:1-27, 7:7-17

Micah 3                            

What are the sins of Israel that are described?

Have they been listening to God’s prophets?

How will God punish Israel for their sins?

How has their relationship with God been affected?

Choose one of the following passages to read:

Hosea 2:16-23

Amos 9:11-15

Micah 7:7-20

What signs of hope are there for God’s people?

Is this forgiveness and restoration deserved?


Read Acts 7:2-53

Why does Stephen call the Jewish listeners stiff-necked?

What has been Israel’s relationship to prophets from God? How does that impact whether they accept Jesus?

God has graciously poured out his Spirit on you, and transformed your heart to be soft towards him. Have you been listening to him in his Word recently? Have you become stiff-necked in your attitude towards God and sin, and needing to repent?


Ask God for forgiveness from what you’ve repented from today.

Thank God for his grace and mercy to you in changing your heart, forgiving your sin and giving you ears to hear his Word.

Ask God to help you put sin to death, and to continue listening to Jesus and serving him alone.

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