Kings Week 11: Day 3


Plead with God to open your heart and reveal what he’s saying to you through the passage today, and for feet that are swift to obey.

Read and Explore

Read (and pay particular attention to Ahab, aka “the king of Israel”) 1 Kings 16:29-33, 21:1-7, 21:15-29, 22:7-8, 22:34-40

How would you describe King Ahab’s character and reign?

What was God’s judgement against Ahab’s descendants?

Read 2 Kings 10:1-17

What happened to Ahab’s descendants?


Read Romans 5:15-19

We have been born into Adam’s line, which is one of sinful rebellion against God (like Ahab’s line), but we are also responsible for our own sin against him. What has Jesus done for Adam’s family? What was the ‘one righteous act’ in verse 18?

Like Jehu, Jesus was sent to deal with sin. What is the difference between their methods?

Do we still need to fear God’s righteous judgement? Does God still count our sin against us? What about when we sin now? (hint – see 1 John 2:1-2)

How does this change how we think, feel, and act? How might we respond to God’s incredible mercy?


Thank God for not abandoning humanity, despite our sin against him.

Thank God that he’s a God of perfect justice and great mercy, that he sent Jesus to take the judgement we deserve.

Ask God to help us live lives in light of the mercy given to us, that we would please him in every way.

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