Kings Week 10: Day 4

Pray and read

Ask God to illuminate his word by his Spirit, that you will hear what it says and respond with faith and thanksgiving. Read 2 Kings 6 – 8:15.


How does Elisha assist the king of Israel in defeating the armies of Aram (in chapter 6)?

Elisha’s advice to the king of Israel in 6:22 leads to peace between Israel and Aram. Why then does the king want him dead by 6:31? What does the king’s attitude toward Elisha show regarding his attitude to the Lord (see 6:33)?

How is the Aramean army conquered on their second attack (in chapter 7)? How is Elisha’s prophecy in 7:1 fulfilled in these events?

What do you make of Elisha’s prophecy to Hazael in 8:7-15? What does it lead you to expect is coming in the chapters ahead?


Throughout Elisha’s ministry the king of Israel persists is his lack of faith in the LORD, the God of Israel, despite having every reason to trust him. Jesus is not like Joram! He always trusted God.

Can you think of a time in which Jesus trusts God, despite having every reason not to?

What hope does Jesus faithfulness give us? You might like to read Romans 5:19 and Hebrews 4:14-16.


Praise God that Jesus was always faithful, especially in his death.

Thank God that for the benefits we have received because of Jesus’ faithfulness.

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