Kings Week 10: Day 1

Pray and read

Ask God to illuminate his word by his Spirit, that you will hear what it says and respond with faith and thanksgiving. Read2 Kings 1 – 2.


These chapters mark the conclusion of Elijah’s ministry, and the handing over of prophetic authority to Elisha.

What similarities do you notice in Elijah’s ministry in these chapters with what we’re seen previously in Kings? What is he concerned for? What does he say/ do? What happens as a result of his words/ actions?

How do people respond to Elijah and his words? Ahaziah? The captains? Elisha?

In both stories in these chapters something happens three times. What is the effect of the repetition? Where have we seen it before in Elijah’s ministry?

Elijah’s ministry concludes with the same kind of spectacle that characterised his ministry! What do you make of his miraculous abilities? How might the transition from Elijah to Elisha help us understand his miracles?


Elijah’s primary concern was for the people of Israel to worship the God of Israel and him only! In his time, they failed to hear his warnings and continued worshipping other gods.

What would it look like for you to hear God’s word and put it into practice, that is, to demonstrate genuine repentance? Is there sin which you have been convicted of but failed to repent of? Do you continue to rely on ‘idols’ for your security or satisfaction rather than finding those things in God?


Thank God for his mercy – that he does warn us about the coming judgement and give us opportunity to repent.

Ask God to help you by his Spirit, to keep turning back to follow him each day, confident of your salvation in Christ.

Providence City