Kings Week 9: Day 4

Pray and read

Ask God for humility and insight as you read his Word today, so that by his Spirit, you’re able to trust him and live it out.

So far we’ve read 1 Kings 20-22 in smaller sections to understand the events and characters, but today we’re going to look at the overall narrative of the chapters.

Read 1 Kings 20-22, and look for examples of God’s grace and his judgement. (An example of grace is 20:13, when despite the sin of Israel, God continues to make himself known to them).


To explore the relationship between grace and judgement, let’s focus in on 1 Kings 20:41-42.

What do you think motivated Ahab to spare King Ben-Hadad?

Why did this displease God?

What’s the relationship between grace (sparing a life) and judgement (Ahab dying in Ben-Hadad’s place)?


Read 1 John 4:7-12

From this passage, how does God spare his people (grace)? 

How does God maintain justice (judgement), while sparing us (grace)? How is this different to Ahab?

What motivated God to spare us from his judgement?

King Ahab died in Ben-Hadad’s place because of his unrighteousness, yet Jesus righteously died in our place through self-sacrificial love.

How ought we respond to Jesus in light of this? How can we show this same love to the people around us today?


Thank God for sparing your life by pouring his judgement onto Jesus. Ask God that he would use this grace to transform your love for others today.

Providence City