Kings Week 9: Day 3

Pray and read

Ask God for humility and insight as you read his Word today, so that by his Spirit, you’re able to trust him and live it out. Read 1 Kings 22.


The purpose of prophets is to speak God’s Word, particularly to the king. Thus it’s important to know whether someone is a true prophet, or a false prophet.

From the whole narrative, what do we learn about Micaiah and his prophecy (including from the vision), that makes him the trustworthy one, rather than the 400 prophets?

Out of the two kings, it is Jehoshaphat who wants to hear God’s Word, not Ahab. What does this reveal about each king’s heart, and how does it characterise the events for each king?

What are the consequences of ignoring God’s Word for Ahab?


Read 2 Timothy 4:1-8. Why is sound doctrine important?

What is the temptation for people in the church? What could this look like today?

What is the temptation for people leading the church? What are they to do? Why?

What is the result of holding firm to the faith?


Thank God for giving us his living Word, and ask him to help us reject unfaithful teaching, to trust his Word, to trust faithful teachers of him, and to be faithful to his Word in our lives.

Providence City