Kings Week 9: Day 2

Pray and read

Ask God for humility and insight as you read his Word today, so that by his Spirit, you’re able to trust him and live it out. Read 1 Kings 21.


Why does Ahab want Naboth’s vineyard? Why does Naboth refuse him? How does Ahab respond?

How does Jezebel respond to the situation? Why does she enter the conflict?

How does God respond to the actions of Jezebel and Ahab? What are the consequences for their actions?

How does God respond to Ahab’s repentance? What part of the judgement on Ahab has been turned aside, and what part remains in place?


Read Revelation 19:11-16.

What are the differences between Ahab’s kingship and Jesus’ kingship? How does Jesus’ robe dipped in blood (v13) compare to Ahab’s kingship?

What are the differences between being a person under Ahab’s kingship vs Jesus’ kingship? (Which direction does each lead you into?)

How does Jesus’ powerful and sacrificial kingship lead you to respond to him today?


Thank God for sending Jesus to be a far greater king than we could every hope to have.

Ask God to help you to continue (or start) trusting and submitting your life to Jesus today.

Providence City