Kings Week 9: Day 1

Pray and read

Ask God for humility and insight as you read his Word today, so that by his Spirit, you’re able to trust him and live it out. Read: 1 Kings 20:1-25.


God promises to give victory to King Ahab over Ben Hadad, so that King Ahab would know that he is the LORD (20:13). What would it look like for King Ahab to know that God is the LORD?

Thinking back to King Ahab’s reign so far and the previous kings of Israel, what evidence is there that Israel does not know that God is the LORD?

Why do you think God still cares for Israel, despite their deliberate sin against him?

How do the Arameans interpret Israel’s victory over them? What is their updated war strategy in light of this?

Read 1 Kings 20:26-34. Is the Aramean’s new strategy successful? What does this display about God?

What does it reveal about God, that he wants King Ahab to know him as the LORD?

Read 1 Kings 20:35-43. What are the consequences of King Ahab’s disobedience?

Does it seem like Ahab has learned that God is the LORD yet? What would have been different if he had?


Read John 17:1-3, 24-26. What does Jesus mean when he says that eternal life is knowing God and Jesus Christ, sent by God?

Why has Jesus been sent to make his Father known to believers?

What does it reveal about God, that his plans have centred around making himself known to his people?

How has knowing God changed your life? How will it change your life today?


Thank our Father for sending Jesus to make himself known to us.

Ask that we would continue to be changed by knowing him for ourselves, and that he would continue to make himself known to people in the world.

Providence City