Kings Week 6: Day 3

Pray and read

Ask God to illuminate his word by his Spirit, that you will hear what it says and respond with faith and thanksgiving. Read 1 Kings 13:1-34.


Who are the characters featuring in this chapter?

For each of the primary characters, answer the following questions – 

            In what ways do they obey the word of the Lord?

            In what ways to they disobey the word of the Lord?

            What’s the outcome of their obedience or disobedience?

The events of this chapter are a bit strange. What conclusion does the author of Kings draw about them (see verses 33-34)?

How do the events of this chapter flesh out what we learned about the worship of Israel under Jeroboam’s rule at the end of chapter 12? What should we expect to unfold as we read on in Kings?


Israel’s worship under Jeroboam’s rule was disordered. They didn’t worship God in the way he had established for them.

In what ways might our worship become disordered?

How might we guard against this kind of worship?


Repent of any disordered worship you have recognised within yourself.

Ask God to lift your eyes and fill your sight with his glory, that you might delight in worshipping him, the one true God.

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