Kings Week 8: Day 4

Pray and read

Ask God to illuminate his word by his Spirit, that you will hear what it says and respond with faith and thanksgiving. Read Hebrews 1:1-4.


How has God spoken in the past? How has he spoken in these last days?

How does God’s revelation in his Son compare with his revelation of himself in the past?

Read John 14:5-11. How is it possible to know the Father, according to Jesus? Are there any other possibilities?


God has revealed himself to us in the Lord Jesus. Do you seek to know God by knowing Jesus in his word? How might you grow in this?

Are you looking elsewhere for an additional revelation of God? Do these passages indicate we should expect additional revelation?


Praise God that he has made himself known in his Son.

Ask God to help you grow in the knowledge of his Son as you read his word. Pray that by knowing Jesus better you might trust him, and resist the temptation to trust in other things.

Providence City