Kings Week 7: Day 4


Read 1 Kings 15:33–16:34

In these verses we continue to look at the failing dynasties of Israel.     


Here we read about 5 kings who live out a similar cycle.  Can you describe this cycle?  

What is unique about Ahab?    


While there is some stability in Judah under the reign of Asa, the northern kingdom of Israel experiences 5 kings who… 

  • commit evil in the eyes of the Lord
  • are deposed in bloody coups
  • have their families wiped out 

This would have been an incredibly difficult time for the people of Israel.  Upheaval, strife and uncertainty dominate the political landscape with the constant threats from foreign powers.  The only certainty was God’s word being fulfilled (16: 1- 4, 7, 12, 34).  

Read John 1:1–14

How is the word of God described?  Who is ascribed as the word of God?  

How can we be confident in putting our trust in the word of God?  

Read Hebrews 13:8

Although we may not be experiencing the kind of political upheaval that Israel faced, we may find our own lives difficult and challenging.  How does knowing the steadfast word of God give you confidence to keep following him? 


  • Thank God that his word, personified in Jesus, is trustworthy yesterday, today and forever
  • Pray for countries that are facing political upheaval or extremely challenging circumstances (e.g. Yemen, North Korea).  Ask that God will bring the peace and knowledge of his word to these people 
  • Ask God for help in trusting his word even in difficult personal circumstances
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