Kings Week 7: Day 3


Read 1 Kings 15:1-32

In this chapter we get the historical accounts of two kings from Judah and two kings from Israel.  Today we will look at the first three kings and then look at Baasha and chapter 16 tomorrow.    


Of the three kings described in vv.1–32, what is about Asa’s rule that stands out?  

How did doing ‘what was right in the eyes of the Lord’ play out in Asa’s reign?  


Read Psalm 1.  

Compare and contrast the way of the wicked and the way of the righteous.  

In Kings 15:29–30 we read about the fulfilment of the prophecy to end the rule of the house Jeroboam.  The way of the wicked leads to destruction.  

How does the knowledge that God judges sin make you feel?  Does it give you peace because the evils of the world will be brought to account or is it something you are afraid of?  

It should be both.   


  • Thank God that those whose faith is in Jesus Christ can be sure that they will be found in the assembly of the righteous
  • Ask God for help to turn from the unrighteous things in your life, permanently leaving them behind
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